Beijing Health Guard’s Chimeric HPV-VLP presenting SARS-COV-2 epitopes. Project Claims Top Prize at “Maker in Beijing 2020”

A competition with the theme of pandemic prevention and control named "Maker in Beijing 2020" that was jointly sponsored by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, is concluded. The Chimeric HPV-VLP presenting SARS-COV-2 epitopes Project of Beijing Health Guard Biotechnology, Inc. (thereafter “BHGB” or the Company) won a top prize in the competition.

The Company launched this COVID-19 vaccine discovery project recently in response to the government's call to fight COVID-19 and fulfill the responsibility to the community as a vaccine developer.

Drawing upon its decades of R&D experience in recombinant protein vaccine development, the Company employs a different technology than the five platforms commonly leveraged worldwide for the development of COVID-19 vaccines, aiming to build a vaccine R&D platform that can respond swiftly to public health emergencies and address a new norm that comes with intermittent emerging infectious diseases. 

The project has since attracted great attention from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The Company regards this award as both an honor and a spur, and will transform pressure  imposed by this award to an impetus, and speed up R&D efforts to develop and register a COVID-19 vaccine to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect public health.